Facebook’s Breakup Notifier

It’s depressing when you have a crush on someone and you visit their Facebook to find out that they’re currently in a relationship. You’ll probably just wish that you didn’t have to go to the extent of stalking and that maybe it was wrong to go after him/her in the first place. But hey, let’s get real. You can’t get over someone that quickly, especially if you’re so into that person.


No worries because there is a new and hot application available for Facebook users out there – the Breakup Notifier. This notifier allows users to choose which friends’ relationship status they want to monitor. Stat changes will be sent through email.


Dan Loewenherz, who developed the application, said that it only took him roughly four hours to complete Breakup Notifier. And after 36 hours in launching the app, there have been over 700,000 visitors with approximately 40,000 downloads.


The app simply scans relationship statuses in Facebook every 10 minutes, so, you can be really sure that whoever you plan on stalking to will be completed monitored by this newest Facebook application.





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