Goodbye Twins, Hello Wood - PELLET SALESMAN

It seems like Zuckerberg has the last laugh after winning his legal battle against the Winklevoss twins.

We’ve been following this debacle ever since facebook has risen to popularity, or maybe after the movie “The Social Network” was released.

When $65 million was not enough, which I think it is, the twins decided to file another case (meaning that they’re asking for more), this time claiming that they were “misled” when the $65 million dollar settlement was agreed by “both” parties, yes, both parties, including them.

We just don’t know, but maybe the twins just want to cash in on the social networking giant. Especially now that facebook is being valued for more than a whooping $83 billion though for a few days it had been as high as $136 billion. There’s a pile of cash behind facebook, maybe that’s why the Winklevoss just can’t let it go.

But it also seems that the twins are just the beginning of Zuckerberg’s problems. Paul Ceglia – a wood- pellet salesman claims that he is entitled to a whopping 84% stake in the company because of a contract he had with Mark on 2003. The case is currently working its way through the courts.

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