Nikon D5100: #1 Digital Camera for 2011

Nikon D500 leveled up this 2011 as Nikon recently showcased the Nikon D5100 which already tops the list of the Latest Digital Camera List for 2011, based on online camera reviews.


The Nikon D5100 features 14mp Nikon sensor with 16.2 megapixels, 2.7-inch LCD screen and SD memory card plus full HD video and a smaller overall body design. According to reviews, this latest creation “will inherit the new AF sensor and sensor from the Nikon D7000”.


This Nikon D5100 is the first Nikon Digital SLR camera that offer special effects mode on night vision, color sketch and miniature effect. It is an all in one package product that enables you to shoot an image perfectly in effects that you have in mind.


The miniature effect lets you transform someone or something in the tiniest piece you want even if the person or the thing is distant, or you can create a “mini me” effect! Awesome!


If you want this Nikon D5100, you better start saving now, because the introductory price of this one is from $1000-up.


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