The Best Deal of the Day?


If you’re fond of searching deals on the internet, then you’ve probably heard about Groupon.


This company, along with livingsocial offers products and services on the web that are highly discounted while allowing companies to promote their business more effectively. It’s creating a lot of buzz among consumers and advertisers that it’s only a matter of time until the internet giants’ facebook and google took notice.


Facebook ‘Deals’ and ‘Google Offers’ just entered the arena recently, they are aiming to cash in on the big bucks this lucrative business model is offering. Can Groupon and livingsocial hold on to its throne as the best deal of the day website on the internet? Or will it be crushed by bigwigs‘Facebook and Google as they join the battle for deals of the day supremacy?


Groupon’s valuation has risen dramatically over the past years from up to $6 to 15 billion. Maybe because of its $100 million monthly revenue. Or simply because it’s one of its kind at the time. Now that facebook and google enters the battle for your money, which one will you prefer? We’ll know soon enough.


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