Tips on Writing Excellent Blog Posts

What could be the best opening for your blog post?


Before you head on to the details, remember to use a title that sums up what your post is all about, making it the most important, and what follows it is the second most crucial part – the introduction/opening. You can’t spoil the readers’ interest because your introduction was dull.


It’s VERY important to keep your readers hooked up to your post. And to do that, you’ll need some of these simple yet highly effective suggestions when it comes to writing a compelling blog entry:

  Use a quote or an anecdote. Posting a quote or an anecdote from a famous person can do wonders when it comes to retaining your readers’ attention.

   Use simile or metaphor. The use of analogy and application of these two figures of speech provides a good starting point when writing an opening, whether that’s a blog post or an article. These are simple yet powerful utilities in catching the interests of your busy readers.

  Ask. Literally ask a question and generate curiosity. Remember, “Curiosity is as much the parent of attention, as attention is of memory.”

  Use mental imagery. Stir up your reader’s imagination by applying a powerful writing technique through words, such as “think of,” “picture this,” “imagine,” and so on.

  Use statistics. People are interested in numbers and utilizing statistics on your blog posts is a good way of keeping your readers interested and hooked. Just be sure to make the stats relevant to your subject.


Now that you have ideas for your opening, see to it that you close everything perfectly well. Consistency to the subject at hand is the key. So, don’t let your closing blemish your wonderful opening.

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